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Tommee Tippee 2-in-1 Thermometer

You can now keep an accurate eye on your baby’s health with the Tommee Tippee 2 in 1 Thermometer. The quick, easy and accurate way to measure your baby’s temperature.  You can use the 2 in 1 Thermometer in two ways, by positioning the temperature probe under baby’s tongue or armpit. The unit will beep when the reading has been taken.


  • Citrus fragrance in cassette will dissipate over time subject to storage conditions.
  • Tested using size 1 nappies
  • Film is treated Biomaster protected to inhibit 99% of germs. Antibacterial protection is present in the film and not the other components of this product


Key Features

  • 2-in-1 thermometer can be used under tongue or underarm
  • Small, lightweight & waterproof, ideal for travel
  • Fast 8 second reading
  • Fever Indicator
  • Memory Function (stores last 25 readings)

Tommee Tippee 2-in-1 Thermometer

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